AOR Linker

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After much study and « play » with my AR-DV1, I found that what missed this great equipment, is to quickly monitor a spectrum spread over several MHZ.And it turns out nobody thought about pairing the SDR # application with another receiver.

There was indeed a DLL to drive a Kenwood TS50 transceiver via an RS232 link, but nothing to keep the use of two simultaneous applications.

Thus, thanks to the DLL « AOR Linker » that I developed for fans of listening, it is possible to keep control of SDR # on the one hand and DV1 Manager on the other. AOR Linker and DV1 Manager communicate together via LocalHost.

With the recent major advances in DV1 firmware and its new performance in decoding, I found that this receiver would benefit from being coupled to a spectral analysis device.

Thus completed, my DV1 is now even more functional and it becomes a very powerful tool to not miss a radio amateur carrier.For example, a frequency displayed on SDR # allows upstream and downstream spectrum monitoring, while allowing the DV1 AR to work on the designated alternate channel.

Thanks to the AORLinker plugin for ADR # (version V1.0.0.1700 and following), it is now possible to send a detected frequency to the ARDV1. In Automatic mode the waveform of this signal will be detected by the ARDV1 while allowing the user to continue his signal search with his SDR receiver associated with SDR #.

AOR Linker has a major advantage over competing applications.Indeed, the other applications in « Spectrum » mode neutralizes the use of the AOR receiver DV1 which, during the scanning, can not listen to the monitored frequency.

With AOR Linker, the DV1 AR is completely available for signal decoding, frequency storage and other action.

Have fun !