DV10 Manager

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I’m a french user of the famous AR-DV10 since its origin. As such, I had various opportunities to test the most widely used applications, one of English origin, and the other of Dutch origin.

In both cases, those two versions didn’t satisfy me on the grounds that neither one is addressed to the French users. By Taking care the AR DV10 is a flagship in the English and Japanese spirit, it will be said that if the software and the receiver are not in French language, the exploitation of this material becomes difficult.

What I decided was the difficulty I encountered with the English application. As for the Dutch application, it was the fact of having everything on a single window that proved to be an obstacle for the exploitation that I wanted to do.

So a few months ago I decided to develop an application that will allow everyone to discover the performance of the AR DV1, the DV10 Manager as simply as possible.

This application, as I understand it, wants to be a solution to discover the AOR AR DV10 as quickly as possible, but above all as simply as possible.

And why not have a unique multi-language solution?

So I suggest you discover my DV10 Manager application by downloading it here (shop under construction).

To help you understand what led me to develop my own DV10 Manager application, I decided to make a comparison between the applications I tested. Obviously, this comparison is oriented to highlight my DV10 Manager application, but I think you would agree, I am relatively objective. So first, here are the main lines of my application DV10 Manager.

Contrary to what is announced by the other software editors, the AR-DV1 is not slow. What slows down the operation of the AR-DV10 is the times of communication between the computer and the AR-DV10. This is why, DV10 Manager, relies solely on AR-DV10 resources.

DV10 Manager allows easy programming of channel parameters: Frequency, Channel mnemonic, analog or digital waveform, pitch, subaudible tone, squelch.
DV10 Manager allows the reading of Excel files containing data retrieved from websites such as RadioReference, or created by the user. But also import these files to the AR-DV10 *.

DV10 Manager manages the 39 memory banks,
DV10 Manager provides automatic frequency storage in scanning mode.
DV10 Manager allows the creation of scanning configuration (low frequency, high frequency, pitch, waveform, …)

DV10 Manager manages the files stored in the SD card remotely
DV10 Manager allows recording and playback of audio files on the SD card from the software.
DV10 Manager has been tested and is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 / XP / Vista (32 and 64 bits).
DV10 Manager is automatically multilingual (French by default, English, Japanese) **.
DV10 Manager is a single executable and portable (stand-alone) file.
DV10 Manager does not need multiple directories to work.
DV10 Manager operates only the AR-DV10 receiver resources.
DV10 Manager is faster than other applications because there is no hard disk access for data processing.
DV10 Manager communicates via internet with a dedicated server to keep up to date updates even small.

DV10 Manager can be used with SplachTop or Teamviewer
DV10 Manager allows more ….

 * DV10 Manager Plus version
 ** Chinese to come